Lab Values

This document states the current Drew Lab Values on developing an inclusive environment in our shared scientific laboratory. The document has roots in several places including the Wallingford Lab Inclusivity Statement, the Rosetta Code of Conduct, and the "How to improve psychological safety in your lab” document from the RosettaCommons. The document is meant to be reviewed and revised periodically to reflect the views of the current lab membership. Importantly, this document is not meant to supersede university policy on nondiscrimination and harassment.

Inclusivity Statement
Members of the Drew lab are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment. As such, no racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or body shaming, comments, behavior, jokes, or vernacular will be tolerated. Simply put, be respectful and kind to one another. Attempt to act and speak with empathy instead of judgment no matter someone’s race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, religion (or lack thereof), country of origin, language, or lifestyle habits. Lead by example. However, it is understood that this is a learning process for us all. Members or visitors of the lab will/may at times fail to meet the above standard of inclusivity. If/when that happens, we are dedicated to addressing the actions/events/etc. Addressing the behavior can take on many different forms, and should be done to ensure the conversation is productive.

Mentoring Philosophy
My main goal as a mentor is to put every individual in a position to succeed. To do that I aim to be honest, clear, and constructive in my communication. I aim to establish clear goals and timelines with my trainees using customized individualized development plans. I aim to regularly meet with trainees to evaluate their progress towards their goals and be flexible concerning these goals as situations change. I understand that every scientist is an individual. Events and situations, whether professional, personal, or societal, affect each of us differently. I aim to create a lab environment that welcomes all individuals and supports each other at all times.