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Visiting Research Specialist (Lab Tech)

The Drew Lab is accepting applications for a highly motivated and ambitious Visiting Research Specialist (Lab Tech) interested in studying macromolecular assemblies. The research in the Drew Lab has several ongoing projects focused on the identification, characterization, and modulation of assembly activity. Most projects aim to understand general principles of assemblies, but we also aim to better understand the role assemblies play in specific diseases such as ciliopathies. We do this using high throughput proteomics, machine learning, and molecular modeling. Further information about our current research can be found on our reseach page.

In this role you will have the opportunity to:

  • Execute critical experiments with careful attention to detail, consistency, and documentation.
  • Collaborate with other scientists to develop new experimental methods and test novel ideas.
  • Manage a growing lab doing cutting edge research.
  • Grow your knowledge base and learn about new approaches and techniques in High-Throughput Proteomics and Data Science

Please email Kevin Drew (ksdrew REMOVE_REMOVE with any questions.
Please apply here.

Postdoctoral Fellow
We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious Postdoctoral Research Associate interested in studying macromolecular assemblies. Please see our Research page for project specifics. Basic qualifications are a PhD in computer science, chemistry, engineering, biology, or related background; completed within the past 5 years and a strong foundation in proteomics, structural biology, programming, and mammalian cell culture with a record of productivity and impactful publications. Preferred qualifications are experience with data science and machine learning methods, experience with structural modeling, experience with HPLC and mass spectrometry, and experience working with iPSC cells. Above all, willingness to learn new approaches, both experimental and computational, is essential. Please email Kevin Drew (ksdrew REMOVE_REMOVE with CV, letter explaining interest and fit in the lab, and contact info for three references.

Graduate Students
We accept rotation students from the MCDBN Graduate Program. Please email Kevin Drew (ksdrew REMOVE_REMOVE if interested in a rotation.